Susan Rodgers

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Picture Time!

Take another peek into our lives here.

This first pic is of Isaac and Carol Williams with our three kids (Kayla, Levi, and Trinity) in our kitchen. It was Vanentine's Day, and it was a wonderful bonus to have them pop in from Mozambique! We love these two so much!

The kids and I took Joelle Rehmeyer with us to visit Sandra and a very sick little girl in the hospital. We took her a present and played with her for a while.

Kayla is being her normal friendly self, hangin' with our friend.

Levi and Trinity are helping her wave "go" for Joelle and Kayla who were foot racing on the sidewalk below. Watching the kids run made her smile.

One more pic...a cobra skin was found on our property the other day. The good news is that snakes shed their skins in places where they don't normally live. I, once again, go back to, "Lord, I trust You. Please protect us all!" Levi, of course, just thinks it's cool.

I hope to stick more pictures up again soon. There is so much exciting stuff going on!

Love to you!!