Susan Rodgers

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Rainy Days

I wrote the following poem one morning a year ago. I came across it a couple days ago when I was looking through my journal. In light of the weather we are experiencing as a result of Tropical Storm Lee, I feel it's appropriate and fun to share it today.

Rainy Days
Toward the end of a long night,
I sit quietly by candlelight.
Heavy clouds mask the sunrise,
While some gaze with wistful eyes.
But I bask in rainy days,
A wry smile upon my face,
Considering the many pleasures
Of this soggy, “dreary” weather:
Snuggles by a cozy fire,
Quality time—my heart’s desire!
Soup and warm bread for supper—
Could things get any better?
Jammies, slippers, fuzzy socks,
Stories, movies, and long talks.
A fleece blanket, a Christmas song,
Cuddling the whole night long.
Ah yes, I look forward in many ways
To this chilly, rainy day.


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