Susan Rodgers

Monday, July 20, 2009

Beautiful Surrender

Journal Entry 21 July 21, 2009

“God wasn’t about to let such an important promise seem naturally fulfilled. Had Isaac and Rebekah conceived the first year, they would have been tremendously less attentive to spiritual purpose and divine participation. In other words, they might have missed the God-gift.” (Beth Moore, Patriarchs, p.107)

This statement encourages me as it seems the promises He’s given me are taking forever to be fulfilled.

A couple days ago I prayed, naming off the things I long for, surrendering them to Him:

“Lord, even if I never _______, _______, _______, _______, _______, I will praise You. I will live my life to bring You praise and glory. Life is all about You.”

The release then I felt inside was sweet.

Beautiful Surrender
Bringing peace in the storm
Settling fears
Quieting desires
I surrender to You, Lord
Life is all about You
By You
Through You
Back to You
I choose faith
I choose
To trust You
Faithful, Loving God
Your desire,
Not mine
Your glory,
Not my pride
I surrender
Everything I am
To You