Susan Rodgers

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today we buried Cocoa. Yes, there were tears. In this "dry" season, clouds appropriately moved in on the blue sky just as the kids, Sibo, and I were filling the grave. The gray sky and cold drizzle matched our mood.

Still, I am thankful for the five years we had with her. If I went outside early in the morning for time with Jesus, she was faithful to come greet me, silently begging for loves. The day after she died, I kept thinking I was hearing her. It was just a droopy palm tree branch brushing on the trunk.

The kids buried notes with her. My mom sent an email with thoughts and memories about Cocoa. I am going to close with a quote from that message:

"The Bible doesn’t say one way or the other about dogs going to heaven. But I’m sure that IF they do, Cocoa will be there."


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