Susan Rodgers

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Journal Entry
November 12

Today is the first in over a week for me to get up this early. Last night I asked the Lord to wake me this morning. He did, and I started to go back to sleep, but the signal in my spirit became clear.

Lord, I trust You. Please forgive me for being so wrapped up in comfort. My focus on You has become dull...please make things right. Help me to NOT have self-comfort be such a huge deal.

Just now I was walking and praying. I got chilly so I wrapped a comforter around me: big, fluffly, soft, and warm. Ahh... Only then I could hardly walk. And the Holy Spirit used this to show me how my OVERfocus on comfort (self-pleasure, etc.) actually slows me down in my walk with God. I trip and can't lift my hands in worship and surrender because I'm too busy clinging to my source of comfort.

I need to not be afraid of being tired, lonely, hungry, unaccepted, cold, thirsty, dirty, out of style, denying fleshy cravings (like sugar).

Lord, please forgive me for living for pleasure. Please help me to live for You and You alone. Your agenda, Your desires, Your glory. Hallelujah!

Thank You for Your strength and Your deliverance. Thank You for Your huge love and FORGIVENESS, for the horrible price You paid, and for the pain You endured on my behalf--THANK YOU!!

You, Holy Spirit, are the best Comforter of all! (John 14:26)


Friday, November 02, 2007

Welcome Home

This pic is of the kids the day before we headed back to the USA. Can you see their excitement?

On October 22, we boarded a plane in Johannesburg, and 20 hours later our feet touched American soil. Everything on the flight went really well, thank You, Lord! The kids were great.

When we were approved to pass through immigration, the man behind the desk said, "Welcome Home." I glanced at Ben as we were walking on, and his eyes were teary--just like mine. It is curious how much emotion those simple words evoke.

It makes me think about what it will be like when we cross the border into heaven, our true home. Will an angel stand there and say, "Welcome Home"? Will we be overwhelmed with emotion at that moment, too?

I couldn't hold back the tears at all when I finally saw my brother Danny two days later and was able to hug him. How much more emotion will we feel when we get to hug Jesus?

Really, anyplace on earth is temporary. Paul said that (Hebrews 11). We're just temporary residents on earth until we reach a better land--a heavenly one. And until that wonderful day, we'll continue to tell as many people as we can that they, too, can ask Jesus into their hearts and join us in this journey.

Are you on this road to heaven? If not, the Lord Jesus is right now knocking on the door to your heart, beckoning you to receive Him and accept His forgiveness. He's so wonderful; you won't regret it!