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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Growing Missionary Family

I just want to exclaim to the Lord and everyone I know how thankful I am (we all are, for that matter) that Charles and Kristen are here! We have already had so many amazing moments together. They totally are already an essential part of the ‘Cup family.

Charles is fun and unpredictable—ready to get you laughing in one moment and then in the next moment saying, “Can we just pray about this right now?” A few nights ago he roped us into dancing in the kitchen (making fools of ourselves—Mom videoed it even) to a peppy David Crowder song. It was a little game some Care Point kids taught Charles and Kirsten after they’d taught them the “Hokey Pokey.” We were laughing so hard.

Another time we were sitting by the fire, talking about stuff when Charles turned on some worship music and asked if we could just pray for a few minutes. We ended up praying for quite a while—praying alone, praying for each other, praying aloud about different stuff. It was really cool. Spontaneous prayer meeting.

Kristen is also wonderful. She is warm, friendly, ready to listen and ready to share her stories as well. I love her so much already. She adds a lot to our group. (And she already has a flock of missionaries thrilled that she does hair!)

They both have totally jumped in to ministry stuff already. Kristen is going with Teresa today to do medical stuff at one of the Care Points. It's not her first time, either. Charles met with a pastor yesterday regarding getting his church involved at a certain Care Point. Last week he and Pat hung curtains Barbara Conti (Pat's mom) made for the children's ward at one of the hospitals. I could fill this whole blog with different ways they are getting involved. Y'all can be proud of them!

We’re having them over for dinner all the time as they’re settling into life here in Swaziland. I LOVE it and selfishly dread the day they’re more independent of us. Kristen assured me tonight that she’s all into getting together with friends for dinner.

Two years ago Ben and I were desperately praying every day for the Lord to send us more workers. He is totally answering our prayers, and we are overwhelmed with the amazing people He is putting here. The VanRensburgs, Patrick, the Rehmeyers, and now the Youngs--I love them all so much.

Wow, Lord, thank You!


  • you've gotta make sure that video makes it back here somehow... it'll be worth something one day when patrick gets married.

    By Blogger Dan Ohlerking, at 10:16 PM  

  • AMEN!

    By Blogger Jean Ohlerking, at 6:44 AM  

  • That's awesome!

    Kristen and Charles are truly great and awesome people! I love them both so much! I'm glad that they are there with yall to help further God's kingdom!

    Be blessed,

    By Blogger Stephanie, at 1:25 AM  

  • Hi Sooze
    Earl here - WOW reading what you have written brings back fond, fond memories - miss you guys and we are praying that the Lord will have our paths cross again - take care

    By Anonymous Earl Murdock, at 8:19 PM  

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