Susan Rodgers

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Take All of Me

Lord, please take these hands
Lifted up to You
Use them for Your glory
Your wonderful will to do

Take these eyes
No evil set before them
Seeing others through Your filter
Alert to what You are doing

Take these ears
Also must be protected
Quick to hear and listen
Your voice accurately selected

Take this nose
Enjoying Your world of fragrance
May I please Your nose, too
Worship: a sweet-smelling incense

Take these lips
Expressing, kissing, living
May they smile most of all
Your joy in me overflowing

Take my teeth and tongue
Guard them closely I pray
The input (food) and output (words)
All controlled by You everyday

Take this countenance
May it reflect Your beauty
Susan simply transparent
Jesus seen completely

Take this shoulder
Even now it is hurting
Somehow please work it for good
While I wait for healing

Take these hands again
May they give, provide, attend
Doing Your work cheerfully
Please love people through them

Take these feet
Walking this Swazi mountain
As they go where You lead
To enable Your Gospel’s proclamation

Take this skin
Pale, freckled, and bumpy
Please protect me from cancer
Help me to treat it wisely

Take this mind
Oh, how I’m thirsty to learn
Scriptures, languages, new skills
And a medical degree to earn

Train my thoughts
Please help me stay them on Jesus
Keep them from the gutter
On You and Your Word to focus

Take this heart
Beating strong and steady
May every pulse be for Your glory
Stopping only when You’re ready

Take this spirit
It’s sore today, I’m afraid
Please, Lord, come and sooth it
You know about this pain

Protect me from getting bitter
May I know Your unfailing love
Is this love the River
My brother was speaking of?

Help me to receive
All You have to offer
I empty my cup of gods
Making room for You, Father

Take All of Me, my God
Here I lay on the altar
Please help me to stay here
To You I totally surrender


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