Susan Rodgers

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Please Pray for D.A.

Yesterday the Lord jarred me out of my self-absorbed world for a moment.

Recently we have needed some maintenance on the locks in our house, so we’ve had a locksmith here a few times. In the few short conversations with him, I learned that he was engaged, but the wedding had been postponed because Togo, his fiancé, was fighting cancer. “It’s looking positive,” he said. I promised to pray for her.

When he came again a couple weeks later, I asked about her. He was surprised but pleased that I’d remembered her name. “I promised to pray for her,” I replied simply. He talked a little about his Togo’s faith, and how he didn’t have as much as her.

Well, yesterday he suddenly showed up with red eyes and dark clothes on. His fiancé had suddenly passed away. UGH. He’d lost his first wife in a car accident 11 years ago. He himself was in a terrible wreck one year ago, and it took him months to recover. Now this!

How much can someone suffer?

Oh Lord, please comfort our new friend as he grieves yet another loss. Please may he discover You, Your love, Your awesome soothing Presence! May he embrace You and live for You all of his life, gushing Your love to others! And comfort the children she left behind. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Please will you pray for him, too? I hope one day he comes again to our house and says, “I’ve found Jesus!”


  • you can count on our prayers...

    By Blogger Jean Ohlerking, at 1:57 PM  

  • I know DA and have had many convesations about living for God with him. I was in contact with him while he was in the hospital from his accident.
    We join you in holding on to this good man's soul for Jesus. We can't ask God to override DA's free will, but we can ask God to give him a clear course to Calvary.

    By Blogger Dave Ohlerking, at 2:09 PM  

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