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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Family Update

How about a quick family update?

I’m home schooling the kids this year, and it has been going quite well--thank You, Lord. There is a frantic thing inside me that wants to do this with excellence and not mess up. It keeps me begging God for wisdom. It’s fun, though, and even Trinity has her own little “desk” where she colors and does puzzles. I enjoy teaching the kids. This is just a right decision, one we prayed a lot about and are so glad we obeyed the Lord’s voice!

This past weekend our missionary “Survivor” group got together here for an Easter Egg Hunt at our house. It was so fun. It was also Crusoe Chapman’s first birthday party. We love our friends so much—wow, how we are blessed with such amazing people in our lives!

Yesterday four of us gals got together and drove—no kids—to a city in South Africa for a day of shopping. It was amazing. Oh, so fun. Ben and Dad worried the whole time, I’m afraid. But we’re all back safe and sound, with hearts still warm from all the laughter we shared together.

Ben, the kids, and I went to a Care Point last week armed with puppets, stickers, and candy. Do you remember “Bullfrogs and Butterflies”? Well, all the kids helped to make puppets sing a few songs off that very album with the help of a portable CD player. It was really fun, and the Care Point kids especially enjoyed it when Trinity would peek from behind our cloth “stage,” showing her curious little face to the crowd. Later, Kayla and Levi helped hand out suckers to the kids as they came through the line for their meal of pap and beans.

At one point Ben shared about Jesus dying on the cross and had some of the kids there help reenact the event. They seem very receptive to the Gospel, and responded when asked if they wanted to make Jesus their friend. I pray that the seeds planted and watered will grow strong. That’s the most important part of what we do.

Well, I have so much more to gush about. Perhaps I’ll post another blog soon. The Lord has been doing so much in my heart, teaching me over and over about the importance of worship as He allows me to walk through hard stuff. He is always faithful to see me through.


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