Susan Rodgers

Friday, April 28, 2006

To Blog or Not to Blog

Obviously I’m not a consistent blogger. Internet access in Swaziland is always slow and sometimes impossible. I could list other excuses like the busyness of home-schooling and potty-training, but I also know that people make time to do what is important to them.

Posting blogs is important to me, but honestly I’ve been a little afraid to be…honest. Often what is on my mind is not all that happy to write about. I know Ben also struggles with this. Sometimes he comes home more “down” than “up,” having dealt with the reality of AIDS, the lies people believe, and the consequences thereof. We struggle with our own personal issues, clinging to Jesus as we cry out for strength to not yield to our sinful cravings.

So, fear and pride have probably been the biggest hindrances for me in my blogging pursuit. Yet I’m tired of being so wrapped up in myself. If what I’m going through, day by day, and the things the Lord is teaching me through them can somehow encourage just one other person, than it is worth the risk of being vulnerable in cyberspace.

I’ll write what is in my heart; I’ll write what I believe the Lord is speaking to me. May I never come across preachy or “holier than thou,” for I am painfully aware of how desperate I am for Jesus’ strength to do anything right. Without Him I’m truly hopeless, but with His strength He says I can do all things. (Philippians 4:13)

So as I wrestle between my feelings and what I know to be true (God’s Word), I will post the things that I am led to write. May the trials I’ve been going through not be wasted experiences. May the Lord encourage us all through them.


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