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Monday, January 30, 2006

Psalm 37 To-Do List

The other morning I was making a to-do list. I had just read Psalm 37, and found myself making my to-do list from instructions in that chapter. Here is what I jotted in my journal:

Don’t be agitated by evildoers
Trust in the Lord
Do what is good
Dwell in the land
Live securely
Delight in the Lord
Commit your way to the Lord
Trust in Him (and He will act!)
Be silent before the Lord
Wait expectantly for Him
Don’t be agitated (that’s twice!)
Refrain from anger
Give up rage
Put your hope in the Lord
Turn from evil
Do what is good
Wait for the Lord (that’s twice, too!)
Keep His way
Watch the blameless
Observe the upright

Wow, these things stir in my heart again as I type them.

Verses 39 & 40 are especially cool:
“The salvation of the righteous is from the Lord, their refuge in a time of distress. The Lord helps and delivers them from the wicked and will save them because they take refuge in Him.”

I also listed the promises in my journal, but I have a to-do list waiting for me right now! I’d better get on it.


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