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Friday, January 26, 2007

Family Party Night

Have you heard of this idea? Some friends of ours introduced us to the concept of “family night” being “Family PARTY Night.” The kids really get into it. We try to set aside Friday night for our little Rodgers family party.

So, tonight we ate our traditional Friday night home-made pizza (the best pizza in town) on the veranda because the weather was so nice. THEN after eating chocolate chip cookies (made with precious Nestle morsels) and home-made ice cream, we piled into the living room for a movie Ben brought from the States: Karate Kid.

We actually watched Karate Kid II tonight. The girls and I sort of cringed through the fighting parts (but knew Ralph Machio would win in the end). Levi covered his head with his blanket and groaned through the romantic parts. Kayla smiled and sighed then. It is as much fun watching the kids as it is to watch the movie, I think.

Sometimes we’ll play a game like Uno or Candy Land. Man, I really love our kids. I love spending time with them. I enjoy how quick they are to laugh. I learn so much from them.

When we tuck them in, Ben and I always take a few minutes with each of them individually to pray and discuss the day. It’s amazing how much they open up during those moments.

So, now everyone is tucked in and asleep, and I’m wide awake. I shouldn’t be, but I drank a Coke tonight. Plus I ate that chocolate. Hmmmm… CAFFEINE! I’m wired despite my sleep deficit.

I guess I’ll be having my own little party for the next hour or so. I’ll plan my day tomorrow (Isaac and Carol are coming!), mend a curtain I’ve ignored for a year, and perhaps finally chisel away at one of the many books I’ve started but not yet finished. Maybe I’ll even figure out how to upload a picture from my computer to my blog site! (Mom still does that for me…what can I say? She has a Mac is what she’d say.)

Party on, Dude!


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