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Monday, June 19, 2006

Free Fallin'

A couple days ago Ben and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. We went away for the weekend, leaving the kids with Charles and Kristen who nobly volunteered to do that. (Thanks, guys!)

We went hiking and saw a bunch of waterfalls. We also went to a place where people can jump into a gorge. Yep, I did it. It was about 200 feet of a free-fall. Wow, what a thrill. I lost my breath during the descent, only waiting for the rope attached to me to tighten and pull me into a swing. Oh, it was fun. And then as I swung back and forth I could see a beautiful waterfall—one not visible from where we stood up above. The pool at the bottom looked like something out of a movie. That, too, was breathtaking.

The Lord spoke to me through this experience, shedding light on so many analogies.

One humorous moment before I stepped off the edge, the people realized they’d nearly forgotten to disconnect me from the little safety rope. That would have been a short jump with possibly some whip-lash!

And the Lord is compelling me to disconnect from things holding me back from surrendering to all He wants to do in my life. Those things are keeping me from experiencing the thrill and beauty of all God has for me. I know I must cut away from them, and I’m striving to do that, but oh how scary it is!

It’s amazing how the Lord comes at us from all different directions when He’s trying to speak something to us, isn’t it? Right now in our ladies’ Bible study we are learning about Abraham and the Lord’s covenant with him. Yesterday’s homework, in light of the Lord’s requirement of circumcision, asked the following question:

“You and I may need to ‘put off’ or even figuratively ‘cut off’ something from our lives so we may bear much fruit. Is God speaking to you? If so, use this space to write your response to Him.”

The Holy Spirit once again has my number!

I don’t want to let fear hold me back. Fear of pain. Fear of the unknown. “The just will live by faith,” keeps coming back to my mind (Hebrews 10). It takes faith to cut off that safety rope that in reality is a chain, a bondage. It takes faith to surrender completely to the Lord and step off the edge of everything we know to be secure. But then God’s grace is always there. His faithful love never fails. He WILL catch us, carry us, and let us see beauty beyond our imagination. The Lord has promised abundant life.

So, let’s do it! Let’s cut loose of all that holds us back and free-fall into the exhilarating grace of God!


  • susan jean! bungee jumping! tsk. don't you know you could break your neck? etc etc etc (and other words a mom is supposed to say at a time like this)
    of course you'd see a sermon in the experience...
    truth is, if i were 20 years old, i'd probably do it with you. :-0

    By Blogger Jean Ohlerking, at 2:28 PM  

  • Girl, you're crazy! For jumping, not 12 years of marriage of course. What great insight into events! I love how God shows us thing when we least expect it.

    By Blogger merrill5, at 6:21 PM  

  • Congratulations on your 12 years of marriage!! I recently saw your parents and we were remembering when you were preganat with Kayla and I with Alex, so long ago!! It seems like yesterday, time does fly!

    By Anonymous Sarah Jensen, at 11:15 AM  

  • Dean and I celebrate 12 years on September 18th. We will have a new baby then so we won't be going anywhere (no, i'm not pregnant, we are adopting again) glad you got to do something fun and adventurous!

    By Blogger FeatherIron, at 1:39 PM  

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