Susan Rodgers

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hands On

Jeremiah 18:6
“‘House of Israel, can I not treat you as this potter treats his clay?’—this is the Lord’s declaration—‘Just like clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in My hand, house of Israel.’”

Do you ever have times when you read the Bible and passages nearly jump off the page at you? It’s like the Lord is speaking them to you for the first time although you may have read those same words a dozen times before.

I love it when that happens, even if, like today, He’s letting me know some painful stuff is on the horizon. I’ve never known a refining process to be comfortable, but I’m always thankful for the “harvest of righteousness and peace” when it’s over.

v. 4,5 “But the jar that he was making from the clay became flawed in the potter’s hand, so he made it into another jar, as it seemed right for him to do. The word of the Lord came to me: “House of Israel, can I not treat you as this potter treats his clay?’”

I can envision the Lord squishing me, removing hard chunks, molding me. OUCH! Yet something about it comforts me so much. His hands are on me the whole time. He’s lovingly eliminating the things that inhibit me from a closer relationship with Him. Those things being purged are what stand between us. They also clog His flow of love through me to others. I’m glad to get rid of that stuff!

Psalm 139:5,6
“You have encircled me.
You have placed Your hand on me.
This extraordinary knowledge is beyond me.
It is lofty; I am unable to reach it.”

So here is my heart's plea:

Lord, please give me a willing spirit, yielded and unresistant to Your working in my life. Help me obey. Disintegrate all the pride, all the self-will, and all the junk that keeps me from living 100% surrendered to You. My life is not about me. It’s about YOU, loving YOU and extending Your love to others. There’s no other way I want to live.

Psalm 139:23,24
“Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Test me and know my concerns.
See if there is any offensive way in me;
Lead me in the everlasting way.”

I believe Your Word, Lord. You won’t let go of me no matter what (v.10), and I take comfort in that. Hold onto me. Hold me. Never let me go. Keep Your hands on me as You mold me into the vessel You want me to be.


  • Thanks Susan, what a great post. I have been kinda afraid here lately knowing that He's molding me "again" and I feel like I'm not a willing piece of clay. Your post gave me courage. His hands are on me. How cool.

    By Blogger sammie, at 3:10 AM  

  • sometimes i trick myself into thinking my "lumps" are decorative...

    He sees exactly what it is: ugly.

    an old song says it like this: let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.

    if i have "lumps" it calls attention to ME. i want attention to be on Jesus.

    thanks for the lovely insight, daughter.

    By Blogger Jean Ohlerking, at 9:24 AM  

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