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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gushing to God

“I told you about my life, and you listened to me.” Psalm 119:26

The other night I was still awake after everyone was asleep. I was sad about a few things, and really wanted someone to gush to. I said, “Lord, I know You know everything already and how I feel about it all. But can I just unload anyway?” Of course He welcomed that.

I told Him about how sad I was about Sthembiso dying. She was a cook at Murray Camp, the CarePoint where I have had the privilege of teaching Bible studies. She was always so kind, welcoming, and went the extra mile to help serve. I said, “Lord, why did the sweetie of the group have to die?” And He gently replied, “Why not take her to be with Me first?”

That reply really comforted me. Of course, she has gone from a really difficult life to HEAVEN--definitely the better end of the deal. Yes, why not let her go there first?

“I am weary from grief; strengthen me though Your Word.” Psalm 119:28

That night I was also pretty raw from having said good-bye to many loved ones, not knowing when I would see them again. During the last stretch of time since I’d been in Iowa, both of my grandparents and three of my uncles had passed away. Tough stuff.

I turned to the Bible and read about the disciples’ Passover meal with Jesus. He had just told them He was going to be betrayed, flogged, and killed. (At least none of my relatives told me something like that!) Luke 22:45 describes how the disciples were “exhausted from grief” after that. But before they left the room, they sang a few songs. The footnote in my Bible led me to Psalm 113-118, the psalms traditionally sang during and after the Passover meal.

So I went there, and found myself gaining hope and strength as I read about the greatness of God, His faithfulness to us, and exhortation to praise Him from the rising of the sun to its setting. Yes, strengthened through the Word, through focusing on Him and His goodness, through praising Him, our loving Lord.

Only after I read all this that night did I “happen” on Psalm 119:26, “I told You about my life, and You listened to me.”

Can I encourage you to do the same? Tell Him about your stuff and listen for a reply. Read the Bible. He will speak to you and comfort you, for He loves you so much.

Thanks, Lord, for listening. You’re a good One to gush to.


  • Thank you Susan for making me cry. He is good and He IS all we need.

    God bless you!

    By Blogger FeatherIron, at 4:01 PM  

  • I too, have been moved to tears over the past few days when I consider God's faithfulness to me. You are so wise to turn to Him when you need to "gush."

    By Blogger Nancy Holte, at 5:06 PM  

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