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Friday, October 12, 2007

Handin' Off My Baby

I’m now doing what my husband often does: posting more than one blog all in one sitting. What can I say? He’s rubbed off on me.

For several months I’ve been leading a Bible study with the teachers, cooks, and volunteers at Murray Camp (one of our CarePoints). When I was first asked to do this, I felt pretty inadequate. Have you ever felt this way? It seems God delights in asking us to do things that are bigger than our own abilities so we are utterly dependent upon His grace—and thus quick to point the glory to Jesus Christ when things do go well. (2 Corinthians 3:4,5)

Despite the language barrier, God has come and ministered to all of our hearts in our little meetings. Roger (on the left in the picture) plays the guitar as well as interprets for me. He brings the tea; I bring the cake or cookies. We all sing, share needs, pray, and dig into the Word together. I can say I sincerely love these people.

This last Thursday I arrived a little earlier than Roger, so I sat with the cooks and teachers while they were having their lunch. They gave me a bowl of pap (similar to grits—a staple in this country) and beans, both cooked in big black cauldrons over a fire. They gave me a spoon, but I opted to eat it the “proper” Swazi way: with my fingers. They said you enjoy it better if you eat it with your fingers. (I asked if it was because of that extra stuff under our fingernails, but they didn’t understand my joke.)

Well, last week I handed this special ministry over to Jacci, our newest ‘Cup Missionary family member (on the right in the group picture). I’ve known her for a couple years, and she’s such an encourager. She really loves people, and she has a passion to disciple ladies here. I know I’m giving my “baby” into hands that are more than adequate. This is the Lord’s baby, anyway—not mine.

Thank You, Lord, for Jacci. Thank you for the encouragement she has been to me, and for the ways I’m sure You’ll continue to minister through her to countless people here in Swaziland. It’s an honor to have her on our team. Please bless her with strength and fill her with your huge, powerful love. All for Your glory, Father. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

This last pic is of Jacci and me on a recent 'Cup missionary game night. I'll have to tell about that night another time...



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